Sunday, 4 June 2017

Show 213 - After Show party!

As you may, or may not, know, when we finish the 'live broadcast' on a Sunday, we usually stay on for an extra half hour, just playing music.
Most times, it is Elvis, but sometimes, I play dreamboats and petticoats type stuff, oldies, or just some random, right old music!
Do you stay on after the show to enjoy more music? No? So you didn't stay on after show 213?
Here is what you missed.
Last show, I did just that. Random, right old music. (Who knows how my mind works)??

here is the playlist. Dedicated to our live show lady listeners and posters.....
* TRACY - The Cufflinks (Hunny Bunnie)
* I Can't Go On - Fats Domino (Rosalie)
* VERONICA - The Four Seasons (Veronica)[Although I changed that today to "For Veronicas Sake - Alice Cooper]
* Ask MARIE - Sonny James. (Marie)
* JOANNE - The Firebirds (Joanne)
* MICHELLE - The Beatles (Chell)
* Put your CAT clothes on - Carl Perkins (Catriona)
* I ain't sharin' SHARON - Bobby Darin (Sharon)
* Blow LYNN Blow - Lynn Hope (Lynne)
* DEBBIE GAIL - Marvin Jackson (two in one there)! - (Deborah Gail)
* Tongue Tied JILL - Charlie Feathers (GILL)
* CHRISTINE - The El-Rays (Christine, Christine, Chris) - [Three in one]!
* Adonis - TERRI Dean (Terri)
* Dammit JANET - Richard O'Brien (Janet)
* BECKY Ann - The Four Jacks (Becky)
* YVONNE - The Parakeets (Yvonne)
* BIBBIdi - Bobbidi - Boo - Perry Como and The Fontaine Sisters (Bibbi)
* A boy like me, A girl like you - Elvis Presley. [From me to you]!

Then I couldn't find a song with your name in it, so this song is dedicated to you!
* Alice Long (You're Still My Favourite Girlfriend) - Boyce and Hart. (Luan)
Hopefully, I haven't missed anyone from show 213??

48 minutes 


  • 1 Tracy by Cuff Links
  • 2 I can't go on by Fats Domino
  • 3 For Veronica's Sake by Alice Cooper
  • 4 Ask Marie by Sonny James
  • 5 Joanne by Firebirds
  • 6 Michelle (Stereo) by Beatles
  • 7 Put Your Cat Clothes On by Carl Perkins
  • 8 I Ain't Sharin' Sharon by Bobby Darin
  • 9 Blow Lynn Blow by Lynn Hope
  • 10 Debbie Gail by Marvin Jackson With The Ozark Toppers
  • 11 Tongue Tied Jill by Charlie Feathers
  • 12 Christine by The El Rays
  • 13 Adonis by Terri Dean
  • 14 Dammit Janet by Richard O'Brien
  • 15 Becky Ann by The Four Jacks
  • 16 Yvonne by The Parakeets
  • 17 Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (the magic song) by Perry Como and the Fontane Sisters
  • 18 A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You by Elvis Presley
  • 19 Alice Long (You're Still My Favorite Girl Friend) by Boyce & Hart

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