Sunday, 29 October 2017

Show 238 - A Film Special

An Elvis Film Special
Back by popular demand

Show 238

2 hours 2 minutes 


  • 1Frankie and Johnny (Split)by Elvis Presley 01
  • 2Dominicby Elvis Presley 02
  • 3Ito Eatsby Elvis Presley 03
  • 4Angel - take 6by Elvis Presley 04
  • 5They Remind Me Too Much Of Youby Elvis Presley 05
  • 6So Close, Yet So Far (From Paradise)by Elvis Presley 06
  • 7Doin' the Best I Can - take 3by Elvis Presley 07
  • 8got a lot o livin to do - take 17by Elvis Presley 08
  • 9Shoppin' Around - Take 5by Elvis Presley 09
  • 10Relax - take 7by Elvis Presley 10
  • 11Change Of Habitby Elvis Presley 11
  • 12A House That Has Everythingby Elvis Presley 12
  • 13Hot Dog (Film version)by Elvis Presley 13
  • 14I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fellby Elvis Presley 14
  • 15Puppet On A String take 7by Elvis Presley 15
  • 16Almost In Loveby Elvis Presley 16
  • 17(Such an) Easy Question - take 2by Elvis Presley 17
  • 18Viva Elvis - 06 King Creoleby Elvis Presley 18
  • 19Ku u i po - take 7by Elvis Presley 19
  • 20Crawfishby Elvis Presley 20
  • 21We're Gonna Move - alt takeby Elvis Presley 21
  • 22Hard Luckby Elvis Presley 22
  • 23I Got Lucky take 1 (1st version)by Elvis Presley 23
  • 24Cross My Heart And Hope To Die (Take 11)by Elvis Presley 24
  • 25Datin' (Laughing Version)by Elvis Presley 25
  • 26Long Lonely Highway (Take 1)by Elvis Presley 26
  • 27King of the Whole Wide World - alt takeby Elvis Presley 27
  • 28I'm a roustaboutby Elvis Presley 28
  • 29Jailhouse Rock - movie versionby Elvis Presley 29
  • 30One Broken Heart For Sale (movie version)by Elvis Presley 30
  • 31Little Egyptby The Coasters
  • 32Little Egyptby Elvis Presley 32
  • 33rubberneckin'by Elvis Presley 33
  • 34Edge Of Realityby Elvis Presley 34
  • 35Clean up your own back yardby Elvis Presley 35
  • 36black star (take 6, end title)by Elvis Presley 36
  • 37Blueberry Hillby Elvis Presley 37
  • 38Tutti Fruttiby elvis presley 38
  • 39bossa nova baby take 3by Elvis Presley 39
  • 40Mexico (movie version)by Elvis Presley 40
  • 41Wonderful Worldby Elvis Presley 41
  • 42Suzi Quatro - Singing With Angelsby Suzi Quatro

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Volume 12

Mr Bs Time Machine
Volume 12

Going back in time

1 hour 52 minutes


  • 1Foot Tapperby The Shadows
  • 2Monster Mashby Bobby 'Borris' Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers
  • 3Ghostbustersby Ray Parker Jr.
  • 4The Time Warpby Richard O'Brien
  • 5I Fall To Piecesby Patsy Cline
  • 6Maybe Babyby Buddy Holly
  • 7When A Man Loves A Womanby Percy Sledge
  • 8The End Of The World (2)by Skeeter Davis
  • 9Crazyby Patsy Cline
  • 10Walking To New Orleansby Fats Domino 01
  • 11Dance With Mr. Dominoby Fats Domino 02
  • 12Blueberry Hillby Fats Domino 03
  • 13Blueberry Hillby Sammy Kaye & his orchestra
  • 14Jerry Lee Lewis - Great Balls Of Fireby Let The Jukebox Keep On Playing (Bear Family)
  • 15High School Confidentialby Jerry Lee Lewis
  • 16Son Of A Preacher Manby Dusty Springfield
  • 17Under The Boardwalkby The Drifters
  • 18The Lonely Shepherdby Gheorghe Zamfir
  • 19God Only Knowsby The Beach Boys
  • 20Nice Guyby Ray Smith
  • 21If Not For Youby Olivia Newton John
  • 22Rockin' Little Angelby Ray Smith
  • 23Star Trekkinby The Firm
  • 24If Not For You (1970)by Bob Dylan
  • 25Grocer Jack. Excerpt From a Teenage Operaby Keith West.
  • 26Praying For Time [The Best Of, 1998]by George Michael
  • 27The Wayward Windby Frank Ifield
  • 28The Most Beautiful Girlby Charlie Rich 01
  • 29Lonely Weekendsby Charlie Rich 02
  • 30Whirlwindby Charlie Rich 03
  • 31Beautiful Sundayby Daniel Boone
  • 32Achy Breaky Heartby Billy Ray Cyrus
  • 33Rag Dollby Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
  • 34Dick-A-Dum-Dum [King's Road]by Des O' Connor
  • 35Honey Come Backby Glen Campbell
  • 36Foot Tapperby The Shadows

Friday, 27 October 2017

Album Of The Week 18

As with every other album of the week, all we ask you to do, it pull out your vinyl, 8 track cassette, cassette, or CD. Or even stream it from your favourite streaming site, or even download it, whichever is your preference to listen, just give the album a listen, then give us your thoughts and feedback. We would love you to actually listen to the album, just to refresh your memory.

 ELVIS (1956)
(Also known as Elvis Presley No. 2)
Released: October 19th 1956

Recorded: January 30th, September 1st - 3rd 1956

Studio; RCA Studio 1 - New York, Radio Recorders Studio 1, Hollywood

Genre: Rock and roll, rockabilly, rhythm and blues, country

Length: 29 minutes 47 seconds 

Label: RCA Victor

A1     Rip It Up
A2     Love Me
A3     When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
A4     Long Tall Sally
A5     First In Line
A6     Paralyzed
B1     So Glad You're Mine
B2     Old Shep
B3     Ready Teddy
B4     Anyplace Is Paradise
B5     How's The World Treating You
B6     How Do You Think I Feel

Elvis / Elvis Presley No. 2 is the second studio album by Elvis, released by RCA Victor in October 1956 in mono.
Recording sessions took place on September 1, September 2, and September 3 at Radio Recorders in Hollywood, with
one track left over from the sessions for Presley's debut album at the RCA Victor recording studios on January 30
in New York. It spent four weeks at #1 on the Billboard Top Pop Albums chart that year, making Presley the
first recording artist to have both albums go straight to number one in the same year. It was certified Gold on
February 17, 1960, and Platinum on August 10, 2011, by the Recording Industry Association of America.

It was originally released in UK in 1957 as Elvis Presley No. 2 with a different front cover
(on His Master's Voice CLP1105). It was also catalogued as Rock 'n' Roll No. 2.


RCA Victor producer Steve Sholes had commissioned two new songs for this batch of sessions, "Paralyzed" from Otis
Blackwell and "Love Me" from Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, the authors respectively of both sides of Presley's
summer hit of 1956, "Don't Be Cruel" backed with "Hound Dog," the first record to top all three of the Billboard
singles charts then in existence: pop, R&B, and C&W. Presley decided upon three Little Richard covers, and
selected three new country ballads respectively from regular Everly Brothers writer Boudleaux Bryant and guitarist
Chet Atkins, Sun staff musician and engineer Stan Kesler, and Aaron Schroeder and Ben Weisman. The latter two,
contracted to Hill and Range, the publishing company of Presley's manager, Colonel Tom Parker, would write dozens
of songs for Presley through the 1960s. Also included was the song with which Presley won second prize at a fair
in Tupelo when he was ten years old, Red Foley's 1941 country song, "Old Shep."

With all but one track on the album recorded at a single set of sessions over three days in September, Presley and
his touring band of Scotty Moore, Bill Black, and D.J. Fontana, along with The Jordanaires, managed to recreate the
loose feel from Sun Studio days, mixing rhythm and blues and country and western repertoire items as they had on all
of his Sun singles. They reinforced this effect by including material echoing his very first Sun record: a blues
by Arthur Crudup, author of "That's All Right (Mama);" and a song recorded by bluegrass founder Bill Monroe,
"When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again." The sessions were attended by a few outsiders, namely his current girlfriend
at the time, actress Natalie Wood and actor Nick Adams, both of whom had starred in Rebel Without a Cause, Presley's
favorite James Dean film. Steve Sholes was the RCA man at the session, and handled the paper work and such, but
basically Elvis himself chose the songs, led the session, made all the decisions concerning which take would be the
master and so forth. Thus it would be fair to say that for most practical purposes, Elvis himself at this session and
throughout his career would continue to do most of the things that a regular record producer normally would do.

The piano player on this album is not registered in the official RCA archives, except for the song "So Glad You're Mine",
which was cut at a previous session in New York. In a 1984 interview conducted by Jan-Erik Kjeseth, Gordon Stoker of the
Jordanaires stated that he was the piano player on most of the songs on the album. In an article written by Kjeseth for
the Flaming Star magazine, it was argued that the piano player on "Love Me", "Old Shep" and "How's the World Treating You"
was Elvis himself. Ernst Jørgensen, writer of Elvis Presley - A Study in Music, seems to be of the same opinion.
Kjeseth also claims that Elvis played the piano on the single from this session, "Playing for Keeps". Again, Jørgensen
seems to be of the same opinion. Gordon Stoker played the piano on "Rip it Up" and "Anyplace is Paradise". RCA first
reissued the original 12-track album on Compact Disc in 1984. This issue, in reprocessed (fake) stereo sound, was quickly
withdrawn and the disc was reissued in original monophonic.
RCA reissued an expanded edition of the album in 1999, and again in 2005. For the 1999 reissue, six bonus tracks were
added that were both sides of three singles, altering the running order. Four of the tracks were chart-toppers:
"Love Me Tender", "Too Much", and the double-sided classic "Hound Dog" and "Don't Be Cruel". Bonus tracks recorded
on July 2 at RCA Studios in New York City, in September at Radio Recorders, and "Love Me Tender" at 20th Century Fox
Stage One during the sessions for Love Me Tender. The 2005 reissue was remastered using DSD technology with the six
bonus tracks appended in standard fashion, in the following order: "Playing for Keeps", "Too Much", "Don't Be Cruel",
"Hound Dog", "Any Way You Want Me (That's How I Will Be)", and "Love Me Tender". This acclaimed latest remaster was
the handiwork of audio restorer Kevan Budd, who also drew praise for his 2005 remasters of Presley's first and third
albums (respectively, Elvis Presley and Loving You) as well as the 2004 upgrade known as Elvis at Sun. These rock-n'roll
tapes are believed to have been among those ignobly dumped into the Delaware River near RCA Victor's Camden, New Jersey
plant in the late 1950s. 


The Elvis Presley Story - Part 15 - Final Part

This is the final part of "The Elvis Presley Story".
We here at The Elvis Radio Show UK, hope you have
all enjoyed the series.
Please leave us your thoughts and comments 
on this series, by adding a comment below.
Thank you

Part XV of XV - Final part.

"Final Tribute"

1 hour 13 minutes 


  • 101 The Final Tribute (medley 50's)by Elvis Presley 01
  • 202 The Final Tribute (medley 60's)by Elvis Presley 02
  • 303 The Final Tribute (medley 70's)by Elvis Presley 03
  • 404 Wink Martindale (Aug 16th 1997)by Elvis Presley 04

Monday, 23 October 2017

Show 238 Film Special!

Coming Sunday,
Show 238 is a film special!

 29th October 2017
17:30 - 19:30 UK time.

All requests to be from the films only please.

All 31 of them -
 (TTWII and On Tour were documentaries so are not to be included in this show)

Start requesting now, where-ever you are in the world, anywhere, any time.
Requests by 16:00 on Sunday please.

Email us with your request or dedication...

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Show 237

Show 237,
Your requests, your show

2 hours 8 Minutes 


  • 1Stagger Leeby Elvis Presley 01
  • 2Froggy Went A Courtin' (rehearsal jam)by Elvis Presley 02
  • 3Cattle Call / Yodelby Elvis Presley 03
  • 4trouble/Guitar manby Elvis Presley 04
  • 5Suppose - Original Mono Album Masterby Elvis Presley 05
  • 6Tomorrow Is A Long Timeby Elvis Presley 06
  • 7ku-u-i-po (7-5-76)by Elvis Presley 07
  • 8Ku u i po (take 1)by Elvis Presley 08
  • 9Just Becauseby Elvis Presley 09
  • 10It's Now Or Never [take 1]by Elvis Presley 10
  • 11Let It Be Meby Elvis Presley 11
  • 12An American Trilogyby Elvis Presley 12
  • 13Memoriesby Elvis Presley 13
  • 14Padre [ Latino mix - long]by Elvis Presley 14
  • 15Hava Nagila (29.7.1970 MGM Studios Stage 1)by Elvis Presley 15
  • 16Unchained Melodyby Elvis Presley 16
  • 17I'll Never Stand in Your Wayby Elvis Presley 17
  • 18Hi-Heel Sneakersby Elvis Presley 18
  • 19For The Good Timesby Elvis Presley 19
  • 20College Songs Medley/(Far Above Cayuga's Waters* / Boola Boola* / Dartmouth's Inby Elvis presley 20
  • 21It's A Sinby Elvis Presley 21
  • 22wooden heart (13-12-75 ds)by Elvis Presley 22
  • 23wooden heart (puppet show version)by Elvis Presley 23
  • 24Slicin' Sandby Elvis Presley 24
  • 25The Wonder Of Youby Elvis Presley 25
  • 26Let's Forget About The Stars (rough mix)*by Elvis presley 26
  • 27Beach Shack (Takes 1 2, 3)by Elvis Presley 27
  • 28When I'm Over Youby Elvis Presley 28
  • 29Amazing Graceby Elvis Presley 29
  • 30Seperate Waysby Elvis Presley 30
  • 31Mary In The Morningby Elvis Presley 31
  • 32Mickey Mouse Club Songby Mickey Mouse Club Song
  • 33girls, girls, girlsby The Coasters
  • 34Girls! Girls! Girls!by Elvis Presley 34
  • 35The Girl I Never Lovedby Elvis Presley 35
  • 36How The Web Was Woven (Take 1)by Elvis Presley 36
  • 37Just Pretendby Elvis Presley 37
  • 38Steamroller Bluesby Elvis Presley 38
  • 39The Fair's Moving Onby Elvis Presley 39
  • 40Have I Told You Lately That I Love Youby Elvis Presley 40
  • 41Anything That's Part Of Youby Elvis Presley 41
  • 42Forget Me Never (solo)by Elvis Presley 42
  • 43Suzi Quatro - Singing With Angelsby Suzi Quatro

Friday, 20 October 2017

Album Of The Week 17

As with every other album of the week, all we ask you to do, it pull out your vinyl, 8 track cassette, cassette, or CD.
Or even stream it from your favourite streaming site, or even download it, whichever is your preference to listen, just give the album a listen, then give us your thoughts and feedback.
We would love you to actually listen to the album, just to refresh your memory.

 Fun In Acapulco

Released: November 1st 1963

Recorded: January and May 1963

Genre: Mexican music, Pop

Length: 29 minutes 30 seconds 

Label: RCA Victor

Fun in Acapulco is the nineteenth album by Elvis, released on RCA Victor Records in mono and stereo, LPM/LSP 2756, in November 1963 – the November 1 date is disputed. It is the soundtrack to the 1963 film of the same name starring Presley. Recording sessions took place at Radio Recorders in Hollywood on January 22 and 23, 1963; and at RCA Studio B in Nashville, Tennessee, on May 26 and 27, 1963. It peaked at number three on the Billboard Top Pop Albums chart.  The album, along with the accompanying film, would be Presley's last release before the arrival of Beatlemania.


The third of his tropical "travelogue films" for Paramount Pictures after Blue Hawaii and Girls! Girls! Girls! finds Elvis frolicing in Mexico. The standard stable of songwriters for Presley delivered songs to match, with titles like "Marguerita," "El Toro," "You Can't Say No In Acapulco," and "The Bullfighter Was A Lady." Included as well was the 1937 standard "Guadalajara" by Pepe Guizar. With the change from the normal routine, and with the addition of trumpet players Rudolph Loera and Anthony Terran, Presley engaged the material with greater enthusiasm than on recent soundtrack outings. Four of these songs would be included on the 1995 compilation Command Performances: The Essential 60s Masters II: the title track, "Mexico," "Marguerita," and the song released as the lead single, "Bossa Nova Baby".
"Bossa Nova Baby" arrived in stores one month prior to the soundtrack, coupled with the track "Witchcraft" by rhythm and blues songwriter and arranger Dave Bartholomew and a hit for The Spiders in 1956. The fact that the bossa nova craze of the 1960s was a Brazilian phenomenon rather than a Mexican one mattered little, as the single peaked at number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 as well as reaching as high as the 20th spot on the R&B singles chart.
Compensating for the short ten-track It Happened at the World's Fair album, Presley's manager, Colonel Tom Parker, insisted on making Fun in Acapulco a good value. Two additional tracks, "Love Me Tonight" and "Slowly But Surely" were pulled from the aborted album sessions of May 1963, and added here to bring the running order up to thirteen tracks.
In 2003 Fun in Acapulco was reissued on the Follow That Dream label in an edition that contained the original album along with numerous alternate takes


A1 Fun in Acapulco 2:30
A2 Vino, dinero y amor 1:54
A3 Mexico 1:59
A4 El toro 2:41
A5 Marguerita 2:40
A6 The Bullfighter Was a Lady 2:02
A7 (There's) No Room to Rumba in a Sports Car 1:50
B1 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here 2:51
B2 Bossa Nova Baby 1:59
B3 You Can't Say No in Acapulco 1:53
B4 Guadalajara 2:42
B5 Love Me Tonight 1:58
B6 Slowly But Surely 2:11


The Elvis Presley Story - Part 14

Part XIV of XV

"You Gave Me A Mountain"


  • 1Medley 01by 01 The Elvis Presley Story vol 14
  • 2Medley 02by 02 The Elvis Presley Story vol 14
  • 3Medley 03by 03 The Elvis Presley Story vol 14
  • 4Medley 04by 04 The Elvis Presley Story vol 14

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Show 236

Great requests!
Well done everyone.

Enjoy the show.....

Welcome to our newest country, Peru.

2 hours 4 minutes

Do you listen live? Do you listen on catch up?
Whichever way you listen, you can request a song, 
or make a dedication anytime. 
Just email us in the studio at: The Elvis Radio Show


  • 2A World Of Our Ownby 02 Elvis Presley
  • 3Plantation Rockby 03 Elvis Presley
  • 4Little Mama (Live 05.03.55 Louisiana Hayride Shreveport LA)by 04 Elvis Presley
  • 5Medley: Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus/Nearer My God To Thee [From Elvis Onby 05 Elvis Presley
  • 6And I Love You Soby 06 Elvis Presley
  • 7Rip It Upby 07 Elvis Presley
  • 8Give Me The Rightby 08 Elvis Presley
  • 9Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello (Take 1)by 09 Elvis Presley
  • 10mystery train-tiger manby 10 Elvis Presley
  • 11My Boyby 11 Elvis Presley
  • 12Treat Me Niceby 12 Elvis Presley
  • 13my little friend [with vocal overdub]by 13 Elvis Presley
  • 14Fairytaleby 14 Elvis Presley
  • 15Fame And Fortuneby 15 Elvis Presley
  • 16Is It So Strangeby 16 Elvis Presley
  • 17Green, Green Grass Of Homeby 17 Elvis Presley
  • 18Rags To Riches Take 3by 18 Elvis Presley
  • 19The Wonder Of Youby 19 Elvis Presley
  • 20Blue Moonby 20 Elvis Presley
  • 21If I Were You Take 1by 21 Elvis Presley
  • 22If I Were Youby 22 Elvis Presley
  • 23It's Midnight (Cilla version)by 23 Elvis Presley
  • 24An American Trilogyby 24 Elvis Presley
  • 25Doncha' Think It's Time (LP version)by 25 Elvis Presley
  • 26Goin' Home - Original Mono Album Masterby 26 Elvis Presley
  • 27Never Endingby 27 Elvis Presley
  • 28Ask Meby 28 Elvis Presley
  • 29Inherit the Windby 29 Elvis Presley
  • 30In Your Arms (Take 1)by 30 Elvis Presley
  • 31Beach Shack (Takes 1 2, 3)by 31 Elvis Presley
  • 32I Got a Thing About You Babyby Billy Lee Riley
  • 33I've Got A Thing About You Babyby 33 Elvis Presley
  • 34How Do You Think I Feelby 34 Elvis Presley
  • 35If You Love Me (Let Me Know)by 35 Elvis Presley
  • 36Pieces Of My Life (Take 1)by 36 Elvis Presley
  • 37It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'by 37 Elvis Presley
  • 38Steamroller Bluesby 38 Elvis Presley
  • 39Echoes Of Loveby 39 Elvis Presley
  • 4012 For The Good Times (1972-03-27)by 40 Elvis Presley
  • 41Suzi Quatro - Singing With Angelsby Suzi Quatro

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