Sunday, 31 December 2017

Happy New Year

The Elvis Radio Show UK
and all our sister shows,
would like to wish all our listeners,
a healthy and wonderful new year.

May 2018 bring you Joy and Happiness.


Show 247 -New Years Eve

Hello all.

Show 247 was pre recorded for you, 
due to technical issues far beyond our control.

We hope you enjoy the show.

Chell and I would like to wish all our listeners 
a peaceful, happy and healthy New Year.

2 hours 8 minutes 


Friday, 29 December 2017

Mr Bs Time Machine - Volume 14

Here we have volume 14,
but what a time for our 
broadband to need a new part!

Hope it doesn't spoil your enjoyment.

1 hour 59 minutes 

Monday, 25 December 2017

Merry Christmas Baby....

The Elvis Radio Show UK,

Mr Bs Time Machine and

SMB Radio

would like to wish all our listeners, 
all around the world

A Very Merry Christmas


Sunday, 24 December 2017

Show 246 - Christmas Eve Show

Merry Christmas to you all.

Our Christmas Eve show, co hosted by Mr and Mrs B.

We hope you enjoy it.

2 hours 2 minutes

  • 1I'll Be Home For Christmasby Elvis Presley 01
  • 2I Believeby Elvis Presley 02
  • 3Santa Claus Is Back In Townby Elvis Presley 03
  • 4Merry Christmas Baby (1, unedited)by Elvis Presley 04
  • 5If I Get Home On Christmas Dayby Elvis Presley 05
  • 6Partyby Elvis Presley 06
  • 7King Creole (Viva Mix)by Elvis Presley 07
  • 8Patch It Upby Elvis Presley 08
  • 9Stuck On Youby Elvis Presley 09
  • 10Silent Nightby Elvis Presley 10
  • 11Silver Bellsby Elvis Presley 11
  • 12It Won't Seem Like Christmas (Without You)by Elvis Presley 12
  • 13Holly Leaves And Christmas Treesby Elvis Presley 13
  • 14O Come, All Ye Faithfulby Elvis Presley 14
  • 15One Broken Heart For Sale (movie version)by Elvis Presley 15
  • 16Put Your Hand In The Handby Elvis Presley 16
  • 17I've Got A Thing About You Babyby Elvis Presley 17
  • 18I Gotta Knowby Elvis Presley 18
  • 19White Christmasby Elvis Presley 19
  • 20Johnny B. Goodeby Elvis Presley 20
  • 21Pieces Of My Lifeby Elvis Presley 21
  • 22Just Pretendby Elvis Presley 22
  • 23Until It's Time For You To Goby Elvis Presley 23
  • 24Western Union - take 3by Elvis Presley 24
  • 25Way Down - take 2by Elvis Presley 25
  • 26Heart Of Romeby Elvis Presley 26
  • 27(There's) No Room To Rhumba In A Sports Carby Elvis Presley 27
  • 28KING OF THE WHOLE WIDE WORLDby Elvis Presley 28
  • 29three corn patches (6)by Elvis Presley 29
  • 30For The Good Timesby Elvis Presley 30
  • 31Singing With Angelsby Suzi Quatro

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Show 245

A different kind of show,
a different kind of ... request!

This show is all about songs you haven't requested before.

We hope you enjoy the show.

Why not comment below?
Give us feedback.
Thoughts. Ideas?

Remember, we are an amateur show.

2 hours 15 minutes


  • 1I'll Take Loveby Elvis Presley 01
  • 2Elvis Welcomes the Audienceby Elvis Presley 02
  • 3Edge Of Reality (take 7)by Elvis Presley 03
  • 4Easy Come, Easy Goby Elvis Presley 04
  • 5Easy Come, Easy Go (vocal overdub)by Elvis Presley 05
  • 6Witchcraftby Elvis Presley 06
  • 7Take My Hand Precious Lordby Elvis Presley 07
  • 8Loving Youby Elvis Presley 08
  • 9If Everyday Was Like Christmasby Elvis Presley 09
  • 10Vino, Dinero Y Amor ? take 1by Elvis Presley 10
  • 11So Glad You're Mineby Elvis Presley 11
  • 12A Big Hunk O' Loveby Elvis Presley 12
  • 13Always On My Mindby Elvis Presley 13
  • 14Mean Woman Bluesby Elvis Presley 14
  • 15Old MacDonaldby Elvis Presley 15
  • 16Lady Madonna (studio jam)by Elvis Presley 16
  • 17Sentimental Meby Elvis Presley 17
  • 18Alla En El Rancho Grande (rehearsal jam)by Elvis Presley 18
  • 19City By Nightby Elvis Presley 19
  • 20Somethingby Elvis Presley 20
  • 21Solitaireby Elvis Presley 21
  • 22Old Shepby Elvis Presley 22
  • 23An American Trilogyby Elvis Presley 23
  • 24On A Snowy Christmas Nightby Elvis Presley 24
  • 25Memphis, Tennessee (1st version)by Elvis Presley 25
  • 26Loving Armsby Elvis Presley 26
  • 27The Twelfth Of Never (Overdubbed Version)by Elvis Presley 27
  • 28The Next Step Is Loveby Elvis Presley 28
  • 29When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Againby Wiley Walker & Gene Sullivan
  • 30When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Againby Elvis Presley 30
  • 31You Oughta See Granma Rockby Skeets McDonald
  • 32Bridge Over Troubled Waterby Elvis Presley 31
  • 33Bridge Over Troubled Waterby Elvis Presley 32
  • 34Milky White Wayby Elvis Presley 33
  • 35I Can't Help it(If I'm Still inby Elvis Presley 34
  • 36We're Gonna Moveby Elvis Presley 35
  • 37Wordsby Elvis Presley 36
  • 38Froggy Went A Courtin' (rehearsal jam)by Elvis Presley 37
  • 39Stuck On Youby Elvis Presley 38
  • 40Thinking About Youby Elvis Presley 39
  • 41Hurt by Elvis Presley 40
  • 42I'll Remember You by Elvis Presley 41
  • 43For The Good Times by Elvis Presley 42
  • 44George Jones-The King Is Gone by George Jones

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Show 244

The Elvis Radio Show UK
Show 244


2 hours 15 minutes 


  • 1Stay Away, Joeby Elvis Presley 01
  • 2Your Time Hasn't Come Yet, Babyby Elvis Presley 02
  • 3Let Yourself Goby Elvis Presley 03
  • 4I'll Be Home For Christmasby Elvis Presley 04
  • 5Walk A Mile In My Shoesby Elvis Presley 05
  • 6Treat Me Nice (movie version)by Elvis Presley 06
  • 7Lead Me, Guide Meby Elvis Presley 07
  • 8It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'by Elvis Presley 08
  • 9Blue Eyes Crying In The Rainby Elvis Presley 09
  • 10Do You Know Who I Am?by Elvis Presley 10
  • 11And I Love You Soby Elvis Presley 11
  • 12Brown Eyed Handsome Man, Pt. 2by The Million Dollar Quartet
  • 13el paso (30-3-72)by Elvis Presley 13
  • 14I'm Leavin'by Elvis Presley 14
  • 15Supposeby Elvis Presley 15
  • 16Make The World Go Awayby Elvis Presley 16
  • 17I'll Be Home On Christmas Dayby Elvis Presley 17
  • 18Blue Christmas (with Martina McBride)by Elvis Presley 18
  • 19Blue Christmas 13th December 1975by Elvis Presley 19
  • 20An American Trilogyby Elvis Presley 20
  • 21If I Were Youby Elvis Presley 21
  • 22Runawayby Elvis Presley 22
  • 23Suspicious Mindsby Elvis Presley 23
  • 24(Such An) Easy Questionby Elvis Presley 24
  • 25mickey mouse marchby Elvis Presley 25
  • 26Elvis Presley - Auld Lang Syne (Live - New Year's Eve, 1976)by Elvis Presley 26
  • 27It Won't Seem Like Christmas (Without You)by Elvis Presley 27
  • 28Christmas Message from Elvis/ Silent Nightby Elvis Presley 28
  • 29You'll Think Of Meby Elvis Presley 29
  • 30Winter Wonderlandby Richard Himber and Hotel Ritz Carlton Orchestra
  • 31Winter Wonderlandby Elvis Presley 31
  • 32Pieces Of My Lifeby Elvis Presley 32
  • 33Hound Dog (Overdubbed-Milton Berle Show)by Elvis Presley 33
  • 34White Christmasby Elvis Presley 34
  • 35A Dogs Life (Take 8)by Elvis Presley 35
  • 36Santa Claus Is Back In Townby Elvis Presley 36
  • 37Santa Bring My Baby Back (To Me)by Elvis Presley 37
  • 38A Big Hunk O' Loveby Elvis Presley 38
  • 39End Of The Roadby Elvis Presley 39
  • 40Gentle On My Mindby Elvis Presley 40
  • 41for the good times (3) 27-3-72by Elvis Presley 41
  • 42the first time ever i saw your face (29-12-76)by Elvis Presley 42
  • 43Old Friendby Bill Medley
  • 44Singing With Angelsby Suzi Quatro

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Show 243

The Elvis Radio Show
First show in December

Welcome to all our new listeners

 2 hours 5 minutes


  • 1Tennessee Saturday Nightby Red Foley
  • 2Dark Moonby Elvis Presley 02
  • 3Moonlight Swimby Elvis Presley 03
  • 4Dainty Little Moonbeamsby Elvis Presley 04
  • 5Blue Moon Of Kentuckyby Elvis Presley 05
  • 6Memoriesby Elvis Presley 06
  • 7A Thing Called Love - rehearsalby Elvis Presley 07
  • 8Winter Wonderlandby Elvis Presley 08
  • 9If You Talk In Your Sleepby Elvis Presley 09
  • 10Something Blueby Elvis Presley 10
  • 11Just Pretendby Elvis Presley 11
  • 12It Won't Seem Like Christmas (Without You)by Elvis Presley 12
  • 13Blue Christmasby Elvis Presley 13
  • 14got a lot o livin to do - take 17by Elvis Presley 14
  • 15Got A Lot O' Living To Do (Final)by Elvis Presley 15
  • 16The Girl Next door Went A Walkin' - take 3by Elvis Presley 16
  • 17True Love Travels On A Gravel Road - Alt. takeby Elvis Presley 17
  • 18Rags To Riches take 2by Elvis Presley 18
  • 19Party - alt masterby Elvis Presley 19
  • 20For The Heart - Spliced Takeby Elvis Presley 20
  • 21Spinoutby Elvis Presley 21
  • 22If I Can Dream - Alt. takeby Elvis Presley 22
  • 23I Just Can't Help Believin'by Elvis Presley 23
  • 24An American Trilogyby Elvis Presley 24
  • 25And The Grass Won't Pay No Mindby Elvis Presley 25
  • 26Wolf Callby Elvis Presley 26
  • 27Amazing Graceby Elvis Presley 27
  • 28Silver Bellsby Elvis Presley 28
  • 29Mama Liked The Rosesby Elvis Presley 29
  • 30Loving Armsby Elvis Presley 30
  • 31Welcome To My Worldby Jim Reeves
  • 32Welcome To My Worldby Elvis Presley 32
  • 33This Is The Storyby Elvis Presley 33
  • 34My Boyby Elvis Presley 34
  • 35My Boy (Good Times '74)by Elvis Presley 35
  • 36my boy (25-4-75 es) jacksonvilleby Elvis Presley 36
  • 37Adios Me Tenderby Elvis Presley 37
  • 38Bridge Over Suspicious Mindsby Elvis Presley 38
  • 39Take These Chains From My Heartby Elvis Presley 39
  • 40In My Way (Take 9)by Elvis Presley 40
  • 41Guitar Man Take 1by Elvis Presley 41
  • 42Hi-Heel Sneakersby Elvis Presley 42
  • 43For The Good Times - April 18 1972by Elvis Presley 43
  • 44Singing With Angelsby Suzi Quatro

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Show 242 (Incomplete)

Here we are, 
this is Arthur.
(half a show)!

We had technical issues on this show, system and internet, and for some reason, only half the show was recorded.

We decided to upload what we had. Uncut, unedited, so warts, lumps, bumps and humps, everything is included.

I don't think there is any swearing!!

Our apologies for the issues, but we didn't want you to miss out on what we had.

54 minutes 


  • 1The Lord's Prayer / An Evening Prayerby Elvis Presley 01
  • 2(Walk That) Lonesome Valleyby The Million Dollar Quartet
  • 3I Shall Not Be Movedby Elvis Presley 03
  • 4Take My Hand Precious Lordby Elvis Presley 04
  • 5Miracle on the Rosaryby Elvis Presley 05
  • 6How Great Thou Art (live 1974)by Elvis Presley 06
  • 7Working on the Buildingby Elvis Presley 07
  • 8I Believe in the Man in the Skyby Elvis Presley 08
  • 9Where No One Stands Aloneby Elvis Presley 09
  • 10Crying in the Chapelby Elvis Presley 10
  • 11If the Lord Wasn't Walking by My Sideby Elvis Presley 11
  • 12A Thing Called Loveby Elvis Presley 12
  • 13crying in the chapel (19-8-75)by Elvis Presley 13
  • 14I Believeby Elvis Presley 14
  • 15It is No Secret (What God Can Do)by Elvis Presley 15
  • 16His Hand in Mineby Elvis Presley 16
  • 17Oh Happy Dayby Elvis Presley 17
  • 18If I Can Dream [From the '68 Comeback Special][Version]by Elvis Presley 18
  • 19If That Isn't Loveby Elvis Presley 19

Friday, 24 November 2017

Volume 13

Mr Bs Time Machine
November 2017

2 hours 7 minutes


  • 1A Sinner Kissed An Angelby Frank Sinatra
  • 2Foot tapperby The Shadows
  • 3Unchained Melodyby Righteous Brothers
  • 4Stand By Meby Ben E. King
  • 5Reet Petiteby Jackie Wilson
  • 6Walk Matt Monroe
  • 7Mr. Lonelyby Bobby Vinton
  • 8Ebony Eyesby The Everly Brothers
  • 9I Can't Forget You (1961)by Andy Rose
  • 10He's Got The Whole World (In His Hands)by Laurie London
  • 11Up Above My Head I Hear Music In The Airby Laurie London
  • 12The Laughing Policemanby Charles Jolly
  • 13Mary In The Morningby Al Martino
  • 14The Last Kissby David Cassidy
  • 15San Franciscoby Scott MacKenzie
  • 16What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For?by Emile Ford & The Checkmates
  • 17Help Me Make It Through The Night - Gladys Knight & The Pipsby Gladys Knight & The Pips
  • 18Help Me Make It Through The Night (Unedited overdubbed master)by Elvis Presley
  • 19Bleed the Sameby Mandisa featuring tobyMac and Kirk Franklin
  • 20O Holy Nightby Nat King Cole
  • 21Frosty The Snowmanby Nat King Cole
  • 22Lifelineby Spandau Ballet 01
  • 23Only When You Leaveby Spandau Ballet 02
  • 24Through The Barricadesby Spandau Ballet 03
  • 25Right Here Waitingby Richard Marx
  • 26King's New Clothesby Danny Kaye
  • 27I Tawt I Taw I Puddy Tatby Mel Blanc
  • 28Desperadoby Eagles
  • 29Help yourselfby Tom Jones
  • 30What's new pussycatby Tom Jones
  • 31Half Way To Paradiseby Billy Fury
  • 32You Got Itby Roy Orbison
  • 33Penny Arcadeby Roy Orbison
  • 34See my baby jiveby Wizzard
  • 35Little Town Flirtby Del Shannon
  • 36Move Itby Cliff Richard And The Drifters
  • 37Foot Tapperby The Shadows
  • 38He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brotherby The Hollies

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Show 241

Well over two hours!

Welcome to all our new listeners!

2 hours 17 minutes


  • 1Wisdom Of The Agesby Elvis Presley 01
  • 2My Desert Serenadeby Elvis Presley 02
  • 3Kismetby Elvis Presley 03
  • 4Please Don't Stop Loving Meby Elvis Presley 04
  • 5GI Blues take 5by Elvis Presley 05
  • 6Just A Little Bitby Elvis Presley 06
  • 7Rags To Richesby Elvis Presley 07
  • 8Memoriesby Elvis Presley 08
  • 9Fame and Fortune take 5by Elvis Presley 09
  • 10And The Grass Won't Pay No Mindby Elvis Presley 10
  • 11A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You - take 4by Elvis Presley 11
  • 12I'll Be Thereby Elvis Presley 12
  • 13patch it up take 9by Elvis Presley 13
  • 14Don't Be Cruelby Elvis Presley 14
  • 15Way Downby Elvis Presley 15
  • 16I Got Lucky take 1 (1st version)by Elvis Presley 16
  • 17My Boyby Elvis Presley 17
  • 18Home Is Where The Heart Isby Elvis Presley 18
  • 19Steamroller Bluesby Elvis Presley 19
  • 20O Sole Mioby Elvis Presley 20
  • 21Anyplace Is Paradiseby Elvis Presley 21
  • 22An American Trilogyby Elvis Presley 22
  • 23And I Love You Soby Elvis Presley 23
  • 24His Hand In Mineby Elvis Presley 24
  • 25Hurtby Elvis Presley 25
  • 26It's Midnight (listen cilla)by Elvis Presley 26
  • 27First In Lineby Elvis Presley 27
  • 28Heart Of Romeby Elvis Presley 28
  • 29The Wonder Of Youby Elvis Presley 29
  • 30For Ol' Times Sakeby Elvis Presley 30
  • 31Suspicious Mindsby Mark James
  • 32Suspicious Mindsby Elvis Presley 32
  • 33Bitter They Are, Harder They Fallby Elvis Presley 33
  • 34Summer Kisses, Winter Tearsby Elvis Presley 34
  • 35Make The World Go Awayby Elvis Presley 35
  • 36Don't Forbid Me, Pt. 1by The Million Dollar Quartet
  • 37Tiger Manby Elvis Presley 37
  • 38The Fair's Moving Onby Elvis Presley 38
  • 39Just Pretendby Elvis Presley 39
  • 40Wordsby Elvis Presley 40
  • 41For The Good Timesby Elvis Presley 41
  • 42Singing With Angelsby Suzi Quatro

Friday, 17 November 2017

Album of the week - volume 20

As with every other album of the week, all we ask you to do, it pull out your vinyl, 8 track cassette, cassette, or CD. Or even stream it from your favourite streaming site, or even download it, whichever is your preference to listen, just give the album a listen, then give us your thoughts and feedback. We would love you to actually listen to the album, just to refresh your memory.

Harum Scarum (Harum Holiday)

 We would really love to know what your thoughts are on any of our 'Album Of The Week' albums. 
We love to know your opinions.

Harum Scarum is the twenty-fourth album by Elvis, released by RCA Victor in mono and stereo, LPM/LSP 3468, in November 1965. It is the soundtrack to the 1965 film of the same name starring Presley. Recording sessions took place at RCA Studio B in Nashville, Tennessee, on February 24, 25, and 26, 1965. It peaked at number eight on the Top LP's chart.

Although 1965 had seen the release of Elvis for Everyone, a studio album which was actually recorded over a ten-year period dating back to Presley's first recordings from Sun Studios in Memphis, and a surprising worldwide hit with a five-year-old Gospel track, "Crying In The Chapel", it was back to the grind of making soundtracks. Elvis continued to grumble about the material and the continued pressure put on the stable of songwriters corraled by Freddy Bienstock — the writing team of Giant, Baum, and Kaye alone had provided 17 of 47 songs on the past four soundtracks in an eighteen-month period — but he soldiered on with as much grace as possible. In reality, almost any song could have been squeezed into the story lines, including old classics. But as long as sales continued, the formula required guaranteed control of publishing and new songs by the same songwriters. However, Presley's sales were plunging in music stores as well as ticket sales at the box office.
Eleven songs were recorded for Harum Scarum, and all were used and issued on the soundtrack with two of the tracks omitted in the film. As with Roustabout, no singles were issued in conjunction with the album. A single was issued a month later, using the leftover 1957 track "Tell Me Why" backed with "Blue River" from the aborted May 1963 "album" sessions. In an ominous sign of things to come, it only made it to number 33 on the Billboard Hot 100, the lowest charting single of Presley's career to date.[5]
Elvis recorded "Wisdom of the Ages" on February 24, 1965 at RCA studios.[6] It featured as a bonus track on the soundtrack album, along with "Animal Instinct", but did not feature in the film itself. The Jordanaires sang backing vocals. The film and its soundtrack are widely considered one of the lowest points of Presley's career. The song progresses from F major to B flat major, to D minor to E flat major to F major.
In 2003 Harum Scarum was reissued on the Follow That Dream label in a special edition that contained the original album tracks along with numerous alternate takes.

Track listing

Side one

"Harem Holiday"

"My Desert Serenade"

"Go East - Young Man"



"Shake That Tambourine"

Side 2

"Hey Little Girl"

"Golden Coins"

"So Close, Yet So Far (From Paradise)"

"Animal Instinct" (bonus track)

"Wisdom of the Ages" (bonus track)


Sunday, 12 November 2017

Show 240

Dedicated to Becky Anderson, USA

Some great requests, so enjoy the show.

2 hours


  • 1Reconsider Babyby Elvis Presley 01
  • 2A Mess Of Bluesby Elvis Presley 02
  • 3Give Me The Rightby Elvis Presley 03
  • 4Supposeby Elvis Presley 04
  • 5I Washed My Hands In Muddy Waterby Elvis Presley 05
  • 6Once Is Enoughby Elvis Presley 06
  • 7Good Rocking Tonight REMIX WITH THE STRAY CATSby Elvis Presley 07
  • 8From A Jack To A Kingby Elvis Presley 08
  • 9Love Me (Live)by Elvis Presley 09
  • 10Love meby Elvis Presley 10
  • 11An American Trilogyby Elvis Presley 11
  • 12Sentimental Meby Elvis Presley 12
  • 13I'll Take You Home Again Kathleenby Elvis Presley 13
  • 14The Wonder Of Youby Elvis Presley 14
  • 15Don't Cry Daddyby Elvis Presley 15
  • 16Wordsby Elvis Presley 16
  • 17Return To Senderby Elvis Presley 17
  • 18Any Day Nowby Elvis Presley 18
  • 19That's When Your Heartache Begins 68 tv rehearsalby Elvis Presley 19
  • 20That's When Your Heartaches Begin (recorded July 18, 1953 Sun Studio, Memphis, TN)by Elvis Presley 20
  • 21Loving Armsby Elvis Presley 21
  • 22make the world go awayby Elvis presley 22
  • 23Blue Eyes Crying In The Rainby Elvis Presley 23
  • 24I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fellby Elvis Presley 24
  • 25If I Can Dreamby Elvis Presley 25
  • 26Just Pretendby Elvis Presley 26
  • 27Let It Be Meby Elvis Presley 27
  • 28I've Got A Thing About You Babyby Elvis Presley 28
  • 29Winter Wonderlandby Elvis Presley and the RPO
  • 30I'll Never Let You Go (Little Darling)by Jimmy Wakely
  • 31I'll Never Let You Goby Elvis Presley 31
  • 32Wearin' That Loved On Lookby Elvis Presley 32
  • 33Don'tby Elvis Presley 33
  • 34Baby Let's Play Houseby Elvis Presley 34
  • 35Echoes Of Love - Alt. Takeby Elvis Presley 35
  • 36Bridge Over Troubled Water Live August 1970by Elvis Presley 36
  • 37That's Someone You'll Never Forget take 1by Elvis Presley 37
  • 38soldier Boy take 10by Elvis Presley 38
  • 39For The Good Times April 1972by Elvis Presley 39
  • 40Suzi Quatro - Singing With Angelsby Suzi Quatro

Friday, 10 November 2017

Album Of The Week - Volume 19

As with every other album of the week, all we ask you to do, it pull out your vinyl, 8 track cassette, cassette, or CD. Or even stream it from your favourite streaming site, or even download it, whichever is your preference to listen, just give the album a listen, then give us your thoughts and feedback. We would love you to actually listen to the album, just to refresh your memory.

Released    November 11, 1970
Recorded   June and August 1970
Genre   Country, pop, soft rock

Length   47:00
Label   RCA Records

Elvis: That's the Way It Is is an album by Elvis, released on RCA Records, LSP 4445, in November 1970. It consists of eight studio tracks recorded at RCA Studio B in Nashville, and four live in-concert tracks recorded at The International Hotel in Las Vegas. It accompanied the theatrical release of the documentary film of the same name (although it is not generally considered a soundtrack album), and peaked at number 21 on the Billboard 200 and at number eight on the country chart. It was certified Gold on June 28, 1973 by the Recording Industry Association of America.


The original vinyl LP consisted of eight tracks recorded in the studio in Nashville at the marathon sessions in June 1970 that would also yield several singles and the Elvis Country album, and four tracks from his August 1970 engagement at The International Hotel in Las Vegas. The track "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" had been released as the advance single on October 6; its b-side, "Patch It Up", appears in a live version here. "The Next Step Is Love" had previously been released as a b-side in July 1970, and its A-side "I've Lost You" appears in a live version here as well. The concert version of "I Just Can't Help Believin'" from this album would be released as a single in the United Kingdom in November 1971 and go to number six on their charts. Its b-side "How the Web Was Woven" was also taken from this album. A rehearsal version of the latter song was featured in the 1970 documentary Elvis: That's the Way It Is.


On June 11, 2000, a three-disc Special Edition was released. It contained the full album remastered, along with added bonus studio tracks recorded around the same time. The set also includes the full August 12, 1970 midnight show from The International Hotel and rehearsals from late July and early August prior to the engagement. The bonus tracks included an additional concert track previously released on Walk A Mile In My Shoes: The Essential 70s Masters, five tracks that appeared on Presley studio LPs from the 1970s, and the single "Rags to Riches" from February 1971.
In 2008, the collectors' label Follow That Dream released a two-disc special edition of the album, with a 20-page booklet. This edition contains the full original album plus bonus tracks and outtakes.
In 2009, the Follow That Dream label released The Wonder of You which contains the full concert from August 13, 1970. Some concert footage from that date was used in the documentary.
On July 6, 2012, Follow That Dream released a two-disc LP special edition of the album. This edition offers highlights from the 2-CD Follow That Dream release. It contains 21 tracks and features different takes of the songs.


I Just Can't Help Believin'
Twenty Days And Twenty Nights
How The Web Was Woven
Patch It Up
Mary In The Morning
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
I've Lost You
Just Pretend
Stranger In The Crowd
The Next Step Is Love


This album, That's The Way It Is, was ranked number 53 in the worst to best chart of Elvis albums, meaning it is ranked as the 4th worst album……
What do YOU say? lists

All 57 Elvis Presley Albums Ranked, From Worst to Best

By Adam Litovitz

53. That’s the Way It Is (1970)
Elvis was cranking out records in 1970, and this one was a cocktail of Jumpsuit Elvis from his longstanding tenure at the International Hotel in Vegas and some Nashville studio stuff loosely tied to a documentary film. The concert material is mainly of the showy countrypolitan variety, smooth but less exciting than his earlier live albums.  However, we get Elvis tearing eagerly into “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” The studio tracks tend to be sluggish and overwrought, with lyrics about tasting the “icing on the cake we’ve been baking with the past,” on “The Next Step Is Love.”  As tragic songs about cake go, it’s no “MacArthur Park.”